New EU Proposal on combatting the illicit trade in cultural goods

In the framework of the 2015 European Agenda on Security and in line with recent Declarations of the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, the European Parliament and the Council, in July 2017 Commissioner Moscovici has presented a new Proposal for a EU Regulation on the import of cultural goods.

As expressly mentioned in its Explanatory Memorandum:

“The Proposal aims to prevent the import and storage in the EU of cultural goods illicitly exported from a third country, thereby reducing trafficking in cultural goods, combatting terrorism financing and protecting cultural heritage especially archaeological objects in source countries affected by armed conflict. For this purpose it proposes to: establish a common definition of cultural goods and import; ensure importers exercise diligence when buying cultural goods from third countries; determine standardizes information to certify the goods are legal; provide for effective deterrents to trafficking; and promote the active involvement of the stakeholders in protecting cultural heritage”.

The abovementioned EU Proposal is available here.